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SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2018 - 9:30 A.M.

Antiques and Collectibles

Large Dining Room Table w/2 leaves and 6 Chairs; 8 ½’ x 11 ½’ Bukhara Oriental Rug; 6’ x 10’ Oriental Rug; (2) Persian Copper Trays on Stands; Italian Table Linens; Steuben Crystal Vases; Ironstone Dishes; Persian Fabric Bound Photo Albums; Half Table Smokers’ Stand; Hand Painted Polo High Ball Glasses; 1800’s Wash Stand; Upright Porch Columns; Barn Lanterns; Windows; Multiple Vintage Bedroom Sets; Oak Framed Hall Mirror; Oak Library Table; 1930’s Singer Sewing Machine; 1930’s Duncan Phyfe Dining Table w/3 leaves & match 8 Drawer Buffet; Oak Curio Cabinet; Streamer Trunks; Excel Ice Cream Maker; Radio; China Closet w/Inlay; Oak Rolltop Desk; Oak, Desk Chair w/Leather Seat; Edison Disc Player; Painted, Drop Leaf Table; Birds Eye Maple Bed; Needle Point Seat Parlor Chairs; Oak Rocker; 1880’s Victorian Parlor Organ; Oil & Elec. Lamps; Display Case; 1950’s Bowling Pin Lamp; Imperial Candlewick Candle Holders; 1950’s Carousel Cookie Jar; Florence Ceramic “Scarlett” Gone With The Wind Figurine; Griswold Ashtray Match Holder, 570A; Fostoria American Glassware; Watts “Apple” Pottery Bowls; Coffee Grinder; Brush McCoy #745, Brown Onyx Vase; Vintage Jewelry & Glassware; Metal Corona Beer Sign; Diamond Match Tin; Old Tools; Small Antique Rolltop Desk; Vintage Kitchenware and Primitives; Wooden Shutters; Wooden Racks; Baskets; Turkish Copper Kitchenware and lots more.

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Books and Art  

Collection of Leather Bound Books by Washington Irving and Charles Dickens – Complete Works; “Frederic Remington’s Own West”; “Frontier Trails” by Frank Canton; “Horse Tradin”, 1st. Ed., Ben Green; “A Gallery of Dudes” 1st. Ed., Signed, M. Sprague; “Cryin’ For Daylight”, 1st. Ed., Signed, Louise O’Connor; “Trails End” by Ida McPherren; “Where The River Runs North” 1st. Ed., Signed, Sam Morton; “Surviving The Good Life” Signed, Doris Greenough; Princess Diana Books; Art: Hans Kleiber “The Absarokas”, Signed; Hans Kleiber “The Log Boomer”; Jim Jackson “Tangled” Limited Ed.; Peter Hurd, “Polo on Friday Night”, Limited Ed.; Lloyd Kelly “Saddle Up At Quarter Circle A”; The Forrest E. Mars, Jr. Building; 1887 Photo of Sheridan, Wyoming;

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Household and Misc. 

Nice, Entertainment Center; China Cabinet; Glassware; Artificial Flowers & 20 Ft. Christmas Tree w/lights; Autumn Décor; Bookcase; Apt. size Black Refrigerator; Clocks; Denim Jackets; Set of Brass Flatware; Kitchen Aide Mixer & Several Small Kitchen Appliances; Kitchen Utensils; LeCreuset Cookware; Queen Bed, complete; and more;

Shop: 100 # Anvil by J.C. Pilcher; Shop Vacs; ATV Ramp; Folding Expansion Ladder; String Weed Eater on Wheels; New Leaf Blower in box; Fishing Poles; Shovels; Rakes; Lawn Tools; Toro Lawn Mower; Drill Press; Drop Cords; Hand Tools; Saws; Tool Boxes; Table Saw; and more.

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2002 Ford Ranger XLT, Ext. Cab Pickup, 3 Door, Tool Box, Approx. 137,000 miles

1992 Wilderness “Model 24C” by Fleetwood

Self Contained Bumper Pull Camping Trailer

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1880-S Five Dollar Gold Piece; 1861 Two and Half Dollar Gold Piece; 1901 Two and Half Dollar Gold Piece; 1873 One Dollar Gold Piece; (2) 1882 Carson City Silver Dollars; (2) 1890 Carson City Silver Dollars; Approx. 40 Morgan & Peace Silver Dollars; Several Silver Certificates; Two Dollar Bills; Canadian Silver Dollars; Ike Dollars; Walking Liberty Half Dollars; Barber Half Dollars; Barber Quarter; Seated Liberty Quarters; Barber Dimes; Mercury Dimes; V Nickels; Buffalo Nickels; Three Cent Pieces; 1864 Two Cent Piece; Large Cents; Indian Head Pennies; Lots of Proof Sets; Flying Eagle Cents and lots more.


0. Winchester “Model 1886” Rifle, 45-70 cal., new in box – Proceeds donated to Kearney Hall from Doug and Deb Brothers;
1. Riverside Arms Co. Double Barrel Shotgun “Stage Coach Gun”, 12 ga.;
2. Harrington & Richardson “Home Defense Shotgun”, 12 ga.;
3. Winchester “Model 67A” Single Shot Rifle, .22 cal.;
4. Stevens Single Shot Shotgun, .410;
5. Remington “Model 513T” Rifle, “The Matchmaker” (marked U.S.), Nikon Scope, .22 LR cal.;
6. Remington “Model 31L” Shotgun, 28” Barrel, 16 ga.;
7. Winchester “Model 1886” Rifle, Oct. Barrel, 40-65 cal., sn. 726xx;
8. Winchester “Model 1892” Rifle, 25-20 WCF cal., sn.8457xx;
9. Winchester “Model 1890” Rifle, Oct. Barrel, .22WRF cal., sn.5303xx;
10. Winchester “Model 94” Rifle, Saddle Ring, 25-35 WCF cal., sn.3038xx;
11. Hi Point “Model C9” Semi Auto Pistol, 9MM Luger caliber;
12. Jimenez Arms “Model JA9” Semi Auto Piston, 9MM cal.;
13. Winchester “Model 94” Rifle, 30-30 cal.;
14. Marlin Pump Shotgun, made in France, 12 ga.;
15. Mossberg “500APR” Trap Shotgun, Low Rib, 12 ga.;
16. Number Four Laurona Double Barrel Shotgun, 12 ga.;

17. Winchester “Model 92” Rifle, Take Down, ½ Round & ½ Oct., 25-20 cal. sn.1345xx;

18. Remington “Model 14” Rifle, 35 REM cal., sn.1228xx;
19. Weatherby Vanguard Rifle, .270 cal., 4x44 Weaver Variable Scope;

20. Remington Rolling Block Rifle, .43 cal., sn.243;

21. Mossberg “Model 500C” Pump Shotgun, 20 ga.;
22. Ruger Semi Auto Pistol, made in the 200th Year of American Liberty, 22 LR;
23. Savage Arms “Model 94” Series M Single Shot Shotgun, 20 ga.;
24. German Mauser “Model 98” Rifle, Scope, .270 cal.;
25. ITHACA “Model 37” Shotgun, Featherlight, 12 ga.;
26. EUSEBIO ARIZAGA Double Barrel Shotgun, 16 ga.;
27. Winchester “Model 94” Rifle, 25-35 WCF cal., sn.3910xx;
28. Winchester “Model 92” Rifle, Oct. Barrel, 25-20 WCF ca., sn.7680xx;
29. Winchester “Model 94” Rifle, Saddle Ring, 32 WCF cal., sn.2456xx;

30. Raven Arms “Model MP-25” Semi Auto Pistol, .25 cal.;

31. Winchester “Model 1200” Shotgun, 12 ga.;
32. Savage Fox “Model BSE Series” Double Barrel Shotgun, 12 ga.;

33. Interarms “ATD” Rifle, .22 cal.;

34. New England Firearms Single Shot Rifle w/Scope, .243 cal.;
35. Remington “Model 31” Shotgun, 1945 mgf., 12 ga.;
36. Sarasquesta Zephyr “Woodlander” Double Barrel Shotgun, 16 ga.;
37. German Mauser “Model 1916” Rifle, 8MM cal., sn.4801;

38. Winchester “Model 1903” Rifle, 30 US cal., sn.6778xx;

39. Swiss Rifle “VAUD” .43 cal., sn.687xx;
40. Smith & Wesson “Model 22-A1” Semi Auto Pistol, .22 cal.;
41. Old Military Gun found on Montana Indian Reservation;
42. Henry Lever Action Rifle, .22 cal.;
43. Stevens Browning Pump Shotgun “Model 620”, 16 ga.;

44. WWII Mauser Rifle w/Douglas Barrel, 22-250 cal.;

45. Winchester “Model 1886” Rifle, Take Down, Buckhorn Sights, .33 WCF cal. sn.15903xx;

46. Winchester “Model 72A” Bolt Action Rifle, .22 SLLR cal.;
47. Colt Lightning Rifle, Tang Sights, .38 cal., sn.412xx;
48. Remington “Model 552” Speedmaster Rifle, .22 cal.;

49. Marlin “Model 60” Rifle, Lazer Scope, .22 cal.;

50. Hi Point “Model JHP” Semi Auto Pistol, .45ACP cal.;
51. Ithaca “Model 37” Pump Shotgun, Vent Rib, 16 ga.;
52. Remington “Model 31L” Shotgun, Poly Choke, 16 ga.;
53. Winchester “Model 94” Rifle, Oct. Barrel, .30WCF cal., sn.3217xx;
54. Marlin “Model 37” Rifle, .22 SLLR cal., sn.775;

55. Winchester “Model 94” Saddle Ring Rifle, 32-40 cal., sn.8136xx;

56. Savage “Model 64” Rifle w/Clip, .22 cal.;
57. Ruger “Model 10-22” Rifle, .22 cal.;
58. Winchester “Model 77” Rifle, Scope, Clip, .22 LR cal.;
59. Winchester “Model 1866” Yellow Boy Rifle, .44 cal., sn.1592xx;
60. Colt “Python 357” Revolver, 357 mag. cal., original box;

61. Colt Single Action Revolver, 45 cal., sn.1303xx;

62. Remington Black “Model 66” Nylon Stock Rifle, .22 cal.;
63. Remington Dark Brown “Model 66” Nylon Stock Rifle, .22 cal.;
64. Deringer Single Shot Pistol, .45 Long Colt or .410 ga. cal.;
65. Winchester “Model 1886” Rifle, Oct. Barrel, 40-82 WCF cal., sn.640xx;
66. Winchester “Model 1876” Rifle, Oct. Barrel, 45-75 cal., sn.511xx;
67. M1 Grand Rifle, 30-06 cal.;

68. Black Powder “Knight” L-93 Wolverine Rifle, .50 cal.;

69. Mossberg “Model 144 L5” Rifle, Scope, .22 cal.;
70. Winchester “Model 1894” Rifle, Oct. Barrel, 38-55 cal.; sn.1043xx;
71. Winchester “Model 94” Canadian Pacific Railroad, .32 Win. Special; No Photo
72. Remington Pump Shotgun, 12 ga., sn.1058xx;
Ammo - 38-55, 33 Win., 35 Rem., 32 Win. Special, 357 Mag., 30 “M2” cal., 38 Win. Soft Point, 40-95, 40-82, 12 GA Nitro Mag., 45-75, 32-40, 44-40, .410 ga. Etc.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2018 - 9:30 A.M.


For information please call Larry at (307) 620-5262

Terms: Cash, Check or Credit Card (3.1% convenience fee) all with ID – All items sell as is where is – Not responsible for accidents or theft – All announcements made auction day take precedence over all printed materials - Shell Creek Clerking – Lunch by Angela


P.O. Box 99, Buffalo, Wyoming 82834
Telephone:  (307) 684-2793
e-mail: branianauct@vcn.com

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